A Raging Lion!

One of my favourite movies to watch at Christmas time in our house has to be Narnia (The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe obviously!). And so often I forget, while watching this festive film (in our house), that part of CS Lewis's purpose behind this novel was to simplify some biblical concepts or rather illustrate them, I should say.

What has struck me recently has been about Azlan (the lion) who represents God. How He is so gentle and compassionate yet He is to be feared and highly respected. We can sometimes get so comfortable with the term "God is love" and while this is so true, we shouldn't put aside the fact that our God is like a raging lion! He loves us fiercely! He is a good God but He isn't tame! We shouldnt expect the norm from God- He goes above and beyond the norm! He acts outside of expectations because He himself is the highest being and over all!

This excites me! Our God is untameable and He stands for me and not against me! With this thought in mind, we can be empowered to do so much more in this world!

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