You Are Still Good

Today has been a bit of an up and down day for me. Sometimes I think we can find it so easy to shut off from what is happening around us and not connect God with the situation we are in.

But the amazing thing is God knows, He knows our situations, He knows our thoughts and feelings (even when sometimes we can't understand them ourselves) and He also knows what's best for us! God wants us to trust Him fully and sometimes that can be such a challenge when we can't see the road ahead or when His plans dont seem to be the same as our plans! But God works for our good- how encouraging is that if you are a Christian today! If God is the only thing you have, then you have it all! He shreds impossibility and fills us with victory!

Even in days when we are feeling down, God is for us and He will stand with us! God is teaching me daily that in every situation I can say- "You are still good!"

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