He Never Complained

Recently I've been reminded of the story of Joseph in Genesis! One thing which really stood out through all that He went through is that He never complained- not even once! I've been so challenged by this! Joseph was hated by his brothers, when there was some space between them his dad asks him to go visit, he is thrown in a pit, he was placed into slavery, he was accused and rejected. Through it all he never complained. Joseph wasn't some sort of superhero, he was just a normal guy and this gives me great confidence that God can give us the same strength to refrain from complaining and to give God the glory in EVERY situation. Joseph was rewarded by the LORD and placed as one of the king's most important men!

This reminds me of Jesus, how He went to the cross without a word against those who put Him there and how He was lifted up to the Father's side. If Joseph was able to hold himself back from complaining then I'm sure we can also!

Let's ask God to help us and strengthen us to do everything for Him in our situations and in our daily lives rather than simply picking out the negatives or what could be better. "Do everything heartily for the LORD" (Colossians 3:23)

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